Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Peacock Mystery

Have you seen these peacocks before?

I truly have a "thing" for these peacocks. They rested on my mother's fireplace mantel for years. I can't believe I never asked her about them... and now it is too late. These past several months I have seen them appear in two other blogs. One blog is Lazy Peacock where her one is painted white. The other blog is Three Hermanas. In my photograph there is the one pose. In Three Hermanas there is this pose and then another one. (If you are checking out this blog it is shown in "older posts") I had originally thought that these had just been casually bought and my mother had placed them on her mantel. Some time back I was going through old photos of my grandmother's home and there the peacocks were... on her mantel! If anyone knows anything about these peacocks I would love to hear from you!