Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Please help! I have a headless Christmas tree.

I've worked and worked today to get my Christmas tree decorated (including an emergency trip to Hobby Lobby for garlands for my mantel) and I simply cannot figure out what to put on top of the tree that is big enough. My two tree toppers are too small. I've used a bow in the past but I've never been real happy with that... mainly because I don't know how to tie a pretty bow. Any suggestions??? "Easy" is the by-word.

Oh, you want to see my mantel? Well, mind you we have just finished our "redo" and I have not bought a new fireplace grill yet. Those are a little tough to find in deep South Texas. But I actually saw one at Target that might... might work.

Oh, you want to see my mantel? Where here it is, photographed with my iPhone... so not too clear. It is much brighter than it looks. But thanks to Hobby Lobby, I have a new look for the fireplace this year. (I'm think about a broad gold ribbon woven through it might look nice.)