Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beauty, silver, tickles and giggles!!

Hydrangeas ...
under construction!

Amazing what I will show ... I just treated myself to
these at Pier 1 yesterday. I fell in love with hydrangeas
when I made a visit to Blowing Rock, North Carolina
during the Mitford Days. Real hydrangeas were
Now I have to see if I can create an arrangement with them.

Silver Tray...

Frankly, I do not know my "silvers", but this was
beautiful... after I polished it. I'm a weird sort... I love to
polish silver. It's very theraputic, you know.
Would you believe... I bought this for


Recently my refrigerator has not had a bottle of
Brioschi in it. It's a lot like Alka-Seltser. That's a first in probably 40 years of marriage...
or my lifetime! The local stores and pharmacies here have stopped selling it. So I ordered a box on the internet.
When I was a little girl my sister and I would take just one
little piece of Brioschi to plop onto our tongue.
Ohhhh... the tickle and the giggles!!

Have a super weekend, everyone!
Stay warm...

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