Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Sundays at Las Islas Ranch

This past Father's Day was full of fun and as they say... South Texas Sun! We have a hunting lease and whether you are a hunter or not, you might just appreciate the more desert-like beauty that surrounds us. Some of our closest friends are also on this lease. We spend more
weekends out there just keeping up with the repairs and making sure that the feeders
are full.
Summer Sundays and the whole weekend for that matter are also spent at the "cement pond". It is actually an above ground cement tank once used for water storage for cattle. When the land was leased by earlier hunters, the pond was turned into a pool. The water is crystal clear since it has a filteration  system. It provides a cooling-off opportunity important in nearly 100 degree weather, especially for those who have been working under the sun. Once in awhile there will even be a midnight swim, especially if there is a full moon.

It's very deep so almost everyone uses a "noodle" for floating. As you can see there is a little pink object in the pool. That is one of our resident "mascots", Ella Grace. She loves the water and many of the folks take turns holding on to her.

Ella Grace with her daddy as he enjoys his
very first Father's Day!

This is one of the ways we enjoy our
Summer Sundays.

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Several people commented on "Mrs. Baker" in my little story below. Believe it or not, Mrs. Baker's Boarding House was real... only it was not for just women. My mother-in-law lived there while she was a young teacher recruited to teach in south Texas. Karen

Oh my gosh! I just came from Debbie's blogging and blabbing... You must go there to see her video. She's so much fun!