Friday, February 26, 2010

My Kitchen Kiskadee

The Great Kiskadee

This commercial photograph of a Kiskadee does not do justice to my Kiskadee who appears at my kitchen window every morning that the sun is shining. He is larger and sleeker than this particular one. He is also very vocal. I wonder sometimes if he is alerting his friends, announcing to them that the fence is his and he dares any of his feathered friends to just try to perch on his territory. He might also be letting me know that the bird feeder is empty and it's time to make a trip to HEB for more off-brand wild bird seed. Thank goodness "my" Kiskadee is not such a gourmet and settles for a grocery store variety of seed. On a typical day there will be five to six of his friends on my patio, but I'm pretty sure I know "my friend" by his incessant sounds. He does brighten my day though with his beautiful colors. My camera is broken and I've yet to get a new one, but when I do... my Kiskadee will be one of the first pictures you will see here at Ladybug Creek.

I might also add that this is one of the benefits of living in the Rio Grande Valley of deep south Texas... just in case you want to look up where Kiskadees can be found.