Monday, November 1, 2010

My "new" Milk Glass Punch Bowl

Milk Glass Punch Bowl

Last Friday I made a trip to Brenham, Texas
for some antique and collectibles shopping.
While my husband played golf with his
Aggie buddies (see yesterday's post)
I enjoyed time with Aggie wives... some of us
friends for over 40 years!
In one of the shops I found a milk glass punch
bowl that just said, "Buy me"!
I am finding out that it was probably not that
great of a deal. It does have twelve cups with it
though and that is a big plus.
The whole point is it is to remind me of the
very nice punch bowl my mother had
when I was growing up.

My mother's was a thick milk glass punch
bowl. Hopefully someday I will find one
like it.
Anyhow... I am still pleased with my
$80.. yes, $80 purchase.
One saving grace, the proceeds from the shop's
sales go to support a local half-way house
for people with addiction problems.

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