Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Post Office"

On a friend's blog today she addresses... "blogging"... and what makes one blog. It sort of justifies one's taking the time to just write. Sort of like we have to have an excuse to sit down and do what we love to do. Blogging makes you feel a little more responsible. You have an "audience" and a commitment. And it's just plain fun!
In the late 1950's my sister and I had an inner circle of friends who would gather at a home and take over a room to play what we called "Post Office". We didn't know that someone had already named another sort of game called "Post Office", but for us, it did not matter. Our game generally took place during the summer vacation period. We gathered to draw, color, cut paper, paste, design and write letters and notes to our good friends in the group. After a given period of time which was usually 20 minutes, someone rang the bell and the "postman" would pick up the mail and divide and stack it according to the addressees. Everyone got something and sometimes more than one or two pieces of mail. We would spend hours doing this. No one had heard of the "Ya-ya Sisterhood" at that point, but it certainly could have been. These were the days of the polio epidemic and parents kept their children indoors during the long, hot summer days.
My blogging gives me that same sort of thrill. I am sending dear friends (some I have never met) a message that says, "you are in my trusted group of friends." I absolutely love it.
The picture above was taken at either my birthday party or my sister's. I am wearing a greenish dress with a big white collar and a hat.