Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Casuelita" - a refreshing drink from Mexico for Foodie Friday!


I wish I could say that we have this name totally correct, but we are 99% sure. We drink these (actually one will do the trick!) in Guadalajara, Mexico. The state of Jalisco produces some of the 
finest tequila... in fact, unless the laws have changed lately, it is the ONLY state that is allowed to produce tequila. 

This beverage is served in a flat type of pottery bowl. Fresh juice from limes, oranges and grapefruit are squeezed into the bowl. A small amount of ice is added. Then pour tequila over the juices and the fruit. Serve with a straw. Muy sabrosa!! (Great taste!!)

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Freeze on it's way -- bye-bye citrus??

The citrus in my backyard may be here today, but gone tomorrow. We call it our "organic" crop... and that is because it is totally forgotten... year 'round. Occasionally we'll remember we have it and my husband will bring in a few pieces of fruit to snack on. I'm just not a big citrus eater... unless it's the tangerines. I just do hate to see this fruit threatened by this probable freeze. We'll see....