Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... It is a beautiful late afternoon with clear skies and 74 degrees. My elderly chocolate brown Lab is tossing a large chew stick up in the air and then retrieving it. Someone should go out and play with him. Someone...

I am thinking... about my three grown sons and how their lives are spinning like tops... some in a good way... and some not so much. They've proven they can pretty well handle their challenges without my husband and me... and long as we'll be listeners and not advisors. Thank goodness I'm a pretty good cheerleader!

I am thankful... for my dear husband who was so patient to help me work with a cloche display about an hour ago. He's so patient with me, especially when I should keep a neater house and wouldn't request eating out so much. You see, I'm just so very busy.

From the learning rooms... my mind is my learning room and is constanting embeding things that are new insights and perspectives I was unable to discern before. I am practicing regaining my birthright of personal empowerment that has been lost through my own neglect. No one is to blame. Blame - the most useless and destructive word in any language.

In the kitchen... the coffee pot just clicked off. My husband and I enjoyed a cup of coffee with two Girl Scout shortbread cookies.. 24 calories, I think. (smile)

I am wearing... my church clothes.. didn't change but should have. Nice black slacks, black stretch top and I tossed the navy blue flats I wore, thinking they were black. This has reconfirmed my worst suspicion... I'm old! Well, at least the two shoes matched!

I am creating... I've about finished my cloche, but unless my husband will come help me, there is no getting the top off without destroying the whole look... so, yes, it is done!

I am going... to finish SOMETHING!

I am wondering... What big project I can conquer and complete in 15 minutes for I am about to think that I have become ADD... again, in my old age!

I am reading... nothing but blogs and looking at pictures in magazines. Not good! It's time to start a reread of Jan Karon's Mitford series. The peace and calm that those books give me are worth a fourth re-read.

I am hoping... to make a trip back to Mexico soon.

I am looking forward to... getting my house in order... someday.

I am hearing... a mass of parrots in the trees outside. They are fussing very loudly about something.

Around the house... are a few things that need to be rearranged. Trying to figure out just how to do it.

I am pondering... how much MacKenzie Childs I can live with. (Alot!)

One of my favorite things... Having the opportunity to write about my thoughts and feelings. That's pretty rare.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... I want to prepare for a quick trip to Mexico just in case the opportunity arises.

Picture of the Day . . .

A painting depicting my husband's Swedish ancestors
coming to Texas from Kansas by covered wagon.

"A Lady Prepares to Go Out" -- Cloche

I enjoy making cloche displays... especially when they contain a few family heirlooms. Unfortunately the metal shoe doesn't show up very well in these pictures. It was really my inspiration for my theme. Lace would have been nice however I didn't have any.

The cloche contains:
    * "Pearls" ( water pearls?) from a recent visit to Mexico
    *  A silver "threader" (I hope you will correct me if I am wrong) belonged to my great-grandmother. An "R" is engraved on it for "Rosa".
     * The little Moon and Star toothpick holder is the same pattern of glass that my paternal grandmother collected.
     * The hat pins also belonged to my great-grandmother, Rosa.
     * The little birds were given to me by a dear friend.

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