Thursday, March 10, 2011

When the spirit moves you!

I invited my son over for dinner tonight, so he, my husband and I were enjoying a meal together. I had prepared chicken breasts with fresh rosemary, artichokes and then a serving of rice. A very simple meal. As we were having a pleasant conversation I looked at my MacKenzie-Childs platter, plates and cups and then to my left at a cute little Easter village building I had recently purchased along with two bottle brush trees. I had not decided yet where I was going to put the building. It hit me like a bolt of lightening that it all went together! I pushed my half-eaten dinner away, got up and immediately started "playing" with a scene that was coming to me fast and furious. My guys hadn't a clue what had gotten in to me... but I just told them that when the spirit moves ya, you need to act on it! Surely you know what I mean.... The men just shook their heads and kept on eating.

Hurray! I'm just in the nick of time for Show and Tell Friday
at My Romantic Home. Come for a visit!!