Monday, January 2, 2012

Remembering my mother, Rosemary

Rosemary Elizabeth DePasquale Boykin

Mother was born to Jean and D.V. DePasquale of Dickinson, Texas on January 3, 1926.
Her mother, young and an immigrant from Italy at the age of nine, and her father, well-educated and of Sicilian descent from Texas, were parents who insisted that their children
"leave their mark".

My mother, on the right, was a good student, played the piano, was proud of being a gymnast. She went off to SMU at the age of 16.

She married my father, a WW II veteran upon her graduation from college... her father insisting there would be no wedding unless there was a college diploma!
Their courtship was only three months, but their
love lasted 62 years when their passing was but four months
apart from each other.

This is my favorite picture of my mother.
She had done an amazing job of
"leaving her mark"
by 2008.
*She was mother to four children
*She worked throughout most of her married life
at several universities, primarily at Texas A&M University.
*She traveled and lived abroad with my father in Syria, Iran and even eight years in Africa.
*She published two books pertaining to Italian history and genealogy.
*She wrote and illustrated cookbooks for fundraisers as well as for her family.
She had so many more accomplishments.
Most of all she was a loving wife, mother and grandmother.
I truly miss her.
She would have been 86 years old January 3rd.

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
from Deep South Texas

My Chocolate Lab, Simon, and I went for a walk
at our deer lease. Above are a few of the beautiful
sights we saw.

Yes, man's best friend enjoys the fog, brush, and cactus
at Las Islas Ranch as much as I do.
One morning we were fortunate to see a beautiful
deer. I'll have to remember the sight from memory as
I wasn't quick enough with my camera.

Wishing you good health and good fortune in