Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look, Maw! No stove!!

Look, Maw! No stove!! Yes. Had to go out to eat tonight. I do think my husband will want me to make up for lost time once the appliances are installed. I found out today that the double ovens won't be in until the 15th of this month. At least it wasn't the cooktop. The other appliances will be delivered tomorrow morning.

Very strange when the carpenter and my husband pulled out the old cooktop. I felt a little sad. It had served us well. 26 years to be exact. How nice to know that retirement can be in your future.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Time out to show pictures from the Halloween party in Mexico

Carmen is on the right. She was a black cat!

David was a ghost. We had bought a ghost costume for him but he was afraid of it. Oh well... he's not even two yet.

We had a "fishing booth" for the kids to fish for toys. That is so new to them. Some of the children bobbed for apples. This little pirate had such a great time with this.

My son and his wife (in blue) and their friends were part of the party. My daughter-in-law (sans wig) read a "scary" story (that I write) to the children. Even the parents really get into the spirit of things and we have a good time. We served pizza and snacks.

Lovely mess!

I hear the electric saw and the dust is flying but it's all going to be worth it... right???