Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silver Sunday with Pandora, Troll and Tous and even James Avery

I love my silver jewelry!

Sitting in a hotel room in Mexico, it's a little difficult to find something silver... or is it? I am wearing it! The necklass is Pandora with almost all Pandora charms. The earrings are my new James Avery acquisition. They look heavy but they're light as  ... no chuncky earrings can. The tiny little figure is a bear and that is my Tous bracelet, a gift from a son and daughter-in-law. The bracelet with the brown glass Murano beads are Pandora, as well as most of the other charms, but they are strung on a Troll bracelet that has a clasp named "Mexico". The bracelet with the green Murano beads are primarily Pandora as well with a Pandora chain bracelet. I just cannot resist wearing this silver and feel so strange if they aren't hanging off of me. There are other bracelets, rings and earrings and often I mix them up. I love the turqouise and white Murano glass beads mixed in with the silver as well. There is on "orphan" in the bunch... a gold heart-shape charm with a ruby in the center... a Christmas gift from my hubby.


for some silver fun!