Friday, March 19, 2010

I see you!

Grasshopper at Las Islas Ranch
Photograph by Brandon Boykin, my teenage nephew

     We will try to head out to Las Islas Ranch today. Las Islas is the deer lease we are on with several other hunter-friends. It is absolutely the best place to chill and enjoy being with friends and take in some beautiful scenery. You have to appreciate the beauty of several different varieties of cactus, all kinds and colors of birds and trees such a ebony and mesquite. We enjoy seeing cardinals, kisskadees, doves, roadrunners, egrids... and more! (Hope I've spelled the names of the birds correctly.) It's always a treat to be driving along and see the deer and an occasional javelina, which is similar to a wild pig.
     This weekend is supposed to be windy, but that goes with living in deep south Texas. Supposedly it keeps us "cool". Hmmm.... secretly I prefer the good ol' a.c.
     Everyone have a restful and peaceful weekend!