Friday, February 25, 2011

Milk glass intact; all is right with the world!

Well, I have definitely feathered my nest today!
And what fun I have had.
I pulled out pieces of milk glass that I have not laid eyes on
in several years. Most of these pieces came from my mother
and some of it via my father's mother, Ruby aka
"Mother B"... or to us children, "Bum B".
(Aren't grandchildren just "great" for your self-esteem?)
If you have read my blog lately you know then that I have at long-last found a punch bowl that was exactly like my
mother's... which disappeared at some point.
With the exception of this punch bowl, other pieces I have bought have been a little disappointing to me... I do not
know their history, or their "story".
I believe that the plates and saucers were purchased from
S&H Green Stamps I would guess in the early 1960's.

You can feast your eyes on the punch bowl in this picture.
The fruit compote bowl (I think this is what it is called), creamer, sugar bowl and the
banana dish all rested on this very hutch for many
 years, but in several different homes as we moved often due
to the nature of my father's work.

The goblet actually graced my mother's vanity in the bathroom, holding wonderful smelling soaps.
Another cream and sugar used often for many a ladies
meeting. The domed dish is one of my "prized" pieces.
I believe it is a butter dish. Somewhere along the way, probably a move, the plate broke so it is held together by
some yellowing glue.
(Wonder how to fix that??)

These juice glasses were some of my mother's favorite
pieces. Mine too! It had a lovely pitcher that went with it.
I poured a cold punch into it and it just split down both sides and fell apart... pouring punch on a beautifully decorated
party table ... right before guests arrived.
Oh well... I kept it of course so perhaps there will be a reader
who will clue me in on how to have it repaired.

I hope you have enjoyed my milk glass. I have shown a few pieces often and written about them many times. When Mother would unpack the milk glass and placed them where they belonged it always helped us children to make our adjustment into new home a lot easier.
Milk glass in tact; all is right with the world!

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