Friday, June 12, 2009

A little history

I've hopped across the border to my other life... wife of a man doing business in Mexico. I had no clue when my husband and I dreamed up this idea of doing this about twenty years ago how this would affect our lives forever. I eventually moved to Guadalajara, put our two younger sons in the American School, and drove three hours south to see my husband every weekend. He was busy starting a farm down there as part of a large farming operation that his family was a part of. Almost four years ago we, along with our oldest son, bought the Mexico division of this company. Again, we packed our bags and headed south... this time for three years. We are farmers. We grow honeydew, papaya, watermelon and have a small acreage of mangos. We have returned to our homebase in Texas, however, our son remains in Mexico running the production operation. More to come in the next "episode"...
-- We are located just south of Guadalajara and close to Manzanillo