Monday, September 27, 2010

Three or More Tuesday - Girl Scout Camp - ca. 1959

Camp Brownwood in Texas

It was the first time I had left home on my own and
without visiting grandparents. It was a week full of fun
and meeting new friends. I am pictured in the middle.
The girls on each side of me were so much fun and I was sure we would be in touch for a lifetime.

Swimming lessons were daily and it was my least
favorite thing to do. What I did enjoy were crafts
and games.

This is where we slept. One night a possum climbed
inside and did we ever scream!

We sang the "Johnny Appleseed" song for
the blessing before each meal.
And we learned manners. No one was allowed
to have their "fairies", or elbows .. on the table.
It was so much fun to go to Girl Scout camp.
I do remember though that when my parents
came to pick me up, I was really glad to see them!

Anyone else a Girl Scout or attend summer camp?

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