Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day and Happy Birthday, Mother "B"!

David R. Peterson, USAF

Calvin C. Boykin, Jr., US Army

Gare La Bete - My father's military history book
that he wrote in 1995

A look inside his book

I thank my father and my husband for serving their
country, unselfishly in a time of our need.
My prayers and deepest respect go out to the
soldiers around the world who are fighting for


I also want to mention that my paternal grandmother,
Ruby Heath Boykin, would have been 106 years old today.
I miss her so much.
She inspired me to cook and bake and to
appreciate American cooking.
She was born prematurely, placed in a cigar box near
an oven... and was not named until it was evident that
she would survive. After her own father died, the doctor
who delivered her became her step-father some
years later.
Happy Birthday, Mother "B"!

It's REDnesday - My booth goes Christmasy!

It's time for Christmas!

It's absolutely a favorite time of the year for me.
I love Christmas... the red and green and some of the non-traditional colors as well.
The Fall and Halloween decorations are now
out of my booth at the local antiques mall.
The red and green is up and today I
will add more decorations... ready for someone's
home this Christmas season.
I'm heading out in just a couple of hours.
Can't wait!!

Join us for REDnesday
It's a Very Cherry World