Friday, February 17, 2012

From Hearts to Shamrocks

From Hearts




I'm not sure why but I get such a kick out of St. Patrick's Day.
As far as I know I have not even a wee bit o' Irish in me!
Oh well... maybe it's just that the color green has always been a favorite of mine.

And then, it's possible that I've always loved this photo of my late father in a kilt...

The next four weeks will be full of activities for sure... as have the past four weeks. (Do you often wonder how you can ever slow down your life?!)  There will be Lenten activities at church, lots of family birthdays, St. Patrick's Day -- which means I'll have to find an opportunity to make Colcannon -- a mashed potato and cabbage concoction that is dee-licious! And there will be family reunion projects which will include work on the family tree, family history book and practicing some Swedish recipes. Oh my! I'm leaving it there so as not to be too overwhelmed.

I adore cloches so I quickly put this together. I used my Fostoria American cake dish with a cloche I bought at an antiques store. (It's not antique... I just liked it!) If you are a Hobby Lobby enthusiast, you'll recognize just about everything inside the cloche. This will probably be added to before it's all said and done.

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