Sunday, March 8, 2009

From the beginning...

You would think that after mastering MySpace and Facebook I wouldn't be so intimidated by blogging. After all... My Space and Facebook are sort of like blogging... but this involves a lot more thinking and planning ahead. After all... does anyone want to know what I think?? Okay... you don't have to answer that. A friend told me today that I really needed to get busy and get my blog going... so here I am.

Recently, my parents passed away. June until now have been a blur of transition. My mother, so ill, in the hospital and being with her when she passed. My father equally ill and passing in the home he and my mother had built just a few years ago. This has produced a considerable amount of reminiscing and recollecting of events and stories from my childhood. I am the eldest of four ... a sister and two younger brothers followed. As we have gathered to pack up our parents' belongings, divide their possessions and prepare their home to be sold, many happy times were recalled... and a few stories that we just weren't quite sure if they were fact or lore. My hobby is genealogy and family history and through the years I have learned that where there is a wild family story, there is a speck of truth to the most bizarre of tales. Packing up pictures produced the most stories. Going through my mother's hope chest, full of clothes, linens and even old war medals and buttons from a wedding in 1899. These helped to recall other family happenings. A gentle touch, touch... feel, feel... a journey into the past.

So here is my beginning ... howling wind through cracks in a wood house, tumbling tumbleweeds across the plains. clouds, mountains and horses running!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
My heartiest congratulations to you on your blogging debut! You are so gifted and creative, always have been, I applaud you for starting Ladybug Creek! I know your stories will be just brilliant and unforgettable!
Love, Nancy