Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Reunion Time - "It's a Very Cherry World"!

 Aggie Friends - 1983

We are headed to my husband's 40th college reunion 
tomorrow at Texas A&M University.
This was one of our "unofficial" gatherings 
where I am sure you can see... a good GREAT time
was had by all. 
Incidentally, my husband and I are in front of the stairs. 
He is wearing a brown plaid shirt and I am standing in front
of him. Yes.. the one with the dark hair.
So much has happened since this 1983 photo was 
taken. More marriages, a few divorces, more children,
a few have passed on.... The usually passages of life.
We'll enjoy each others company, catch up on the latest news
and even see a few that rare appear except every ten years or so. Hopefully I'll have a spectacular collage to show off 
next week.
See ya then...
Gig'em, Aggies!! 

The Ring Dance - 1969

One of our group passes on....

Another gathering

Squadron One -freshmen 1966
Working on the bonfire
Could you ever have predicted that out of this motley crew
is a man who started a farming operation in Mexico,
the man who started Jason's Deli, the man who was
president of Southwestern Bell for Arkansas,
college professors, lawyers and judges,
and so much more... ?


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