Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm getting ready to take a plunge....

Pottery from Guadalajara, Mexico
ca. 1992

This Wednesday I am moving... moving in to a booth at a local antiques consignment mall. It's tiny. It's only 6' x 4'. I'll be selling things that I had tried early on to collect, but just either lost interest or just didn't have much luck with the hunt.

I am featuring pottery that I will hopefully sell. The pattern is very different. In fact, I bought every piece I could find... and that hunt lasted for about 10 years. I have never seen the pattern on this pottery anywhere. I think it's so pretty. I never used it but enjoyed displaying it for years in one of my glass front cabinets in my kitchen.

Anyway, I'm getting very excited about this. I won't have to stay with the booth day in and day out... just make an appearance to rearrange, clean and pay my rent...  oh, and maybe get a little $$. We'll see. I will feel better passing my things along to collectors than just leaving them boxed up.

I'll keep you posted. Wednesday is moving day.