Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Congratulations, Heather!

Congratulations, Heather!!
Today you have made the five year mark.

Ovarian cancer was not what we wanted to hear
May 10, 2006

(Heather with her mother)

But out of this horrible disease...

You've become

* A warrior
* An advocate for others fighting cancer

* A mom
* A newspaper columnist
* A volunteer dedicating hours to
civic causes

You're a fabulous

* follower of our Lord, Jesus Christ
*friend... dear friend

You are amazing, Heather!

We love you,

Karen and David

To read more about Heather and ovarian cancer visit my September 8th posting.


Cheryl said...

Heather sounds like an amazing young woman. Please pass my congrats along to her for being so brave, beating OC, and raising awareness. I'll keep her in my prayers...

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

so happy to hear Heather has made it to the five year mark. She sounds like a wonderful young woman..

Kuki... said...

I know all too well the ugliness of ovarian cancer. It's so very uplifting to hear of a survivor! Wishing continued health and happiness to Heather ♥.

Nezzy said...

WOW!!! What an amazin' woman that Heather is. This Ozark Farm Chick has to give her a big old hillbilly shout out......


Ya gotta love a great survivor story. I just love happy endins'.

From the grateful hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a beautifully blessed day!!! :o)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Wonderful news!! It brightens my day to hear of someone that was victorious in this awful ugly battle!! Give Heather a huge hug from me!!!

NanaDiana said...

God bless your young friend. I work at a hospital with a large cancer center and what a blessing to see someone going the distance against this horrible, invasive disease. Congratulations-Thank you for all you do for others and for the example you set for those that are in this battle! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your love and support, Karen. We are so fortunate to have you and David in our lives.
God bless you!
Mary Kay and Mike

Theresa said...

Yeah Heather! I am so proud of you for all that you are doing and have done! Have a blessed evening dear Karen, thanks for sharing Heather's story with us! HUGS!

JB said...

How great is our God indeed! This post brought tears to my eyes. God has definitely blessed Heather and us!! She is all you said and more!!

Laura said...

She is indeed a very special young lady!

Woo hoo Heather!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

YAY for Heather!! And Yay for everyone who knows her!! And Yay for you for such a sweet tribute! {and she is so lovely!!)

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, what a beautiful tribute to sweet Heather. She is one amazing young woman! Heather is an inspiration to all!


bj said...

OOO, won't you please give Heather a hug for me? Bless her heart..what an amazing young woman she must be.

Please know that I added Tissa to our list for prayers. Thank you so much for adding her..if we don't know who is fighting and have fought and won, we don't know to pray for them. Thank you for giving us the chance to say prayers for her.

xoxo bj

pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Congratulations, Heather, indeed! I love hearing success stories like this. My best wishes to her and her family.