Tuesday, August 10, 2010

White Wednesday: My White Sunbeam MixMaster and story from the past

Love this picture!

We've probably all seen it, but actually it is the Sunbeam MixMaster that I am focusing on.
I'm pretty sure that this mixer is white and not the yellow that it appears to be.
This picture reminds me of an episode from my childhood.
We were living in Midland, Texas in 1954.
I was outside playing and my mother called me to come inside. She wanted to tell me something.
She was standing at the kitchen counter, much like the woman in the picture, but she was using her white Sunbeam MixMaster and preparing
the batter for a chocolate cake.
She asked me, "Would I like to have a baby brother or another baby sister?"
Wow! I told her that I wanted a baby brother.
On February 27, 1954 I got my wish!

I was so excited. What a good brother he has been.

Not long ago I saw a white Sunbeam MixMaster - Legacy Edition, at Kohl's. The memory of that
time with my mother returned. I had to have that
mixer. Today I used it to make banana nut bread.
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A little addition: Clay is familiar with this story and when I was visiting him one time he took me into his kitchen to see what he had
bought at an antique store... a white Sunbeam MixMaster... only his was identical to our mother's!!


Rita said...

Oh Karen, what a wonderful treasure you found that brought back so many memories. I find that memories are so important as I grow older.

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet story! I love hearing stories of times so long ago and how you and your Brother shared that memory:)

Enjoy your evening my friend! HUGS!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

What a Sweet Post, full of Memories & White Goodness.....

Kathy said...

You are right - it is interesting the things that trigger our memories to our loved ones! I love this one of your mother and how you've shared about your brother!
You are blessed,
Just love the mixer!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

My grandmother had the sunbeam mixmaster and it brings tears to my eyes remembering the wonderful cakes she made. ~~Sherry~~

Rebecca said...

Great mixer and the old picture is even better!

Celestial Charms said...

Such a lovely memory of that conversation with your mom. Love the mixer, but I'm sure I would love the stuff you bake from it even more! Lovely photos on your brother's blog, just popped over there.

A Vintage Chic said...

Such beautiful images and memories, Karen! Thanks for sharing them....now I need to find an old Mixmaster like that!

Have a wonderful day!


From the Kitchen said...

Ah, the Sunbeam Mixmaster. It stood in my grandmother's and mother's kitchens, too, and turned out many delicious treats. I wonder if my children will attach the same memories to my Kitchenaide?


Kathy said...

What an awesome story of your Mom and brother, very touching