Monday, August 23, 2010

"Three or More" with my guys!

Ryan, Lance, Daren and David

Recently all of my men were together for the first time in nearly two years. It was only for two hours, but we relished every minute of it.
I remember my mother saying that the best sound
to her ears was to listen to all of her children
under one roof talking.
I truly know what she means.
Lance is our oldest son and lives in Mexico.
Daren is our middle son and he lives in La Jolla, California.
Fortunately Ryan, our youngest, lives nearby
and we see him fairly often.
I'm not sure when we'll have the same opportunity
to be together, but for now, I'm just reflecting on
that wonderful visit.

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Julie Harward said...

Handsome men, all! I know what you mean about having them all under your roof! :D

Theresa said...

What a good looking bunch of fellas! Love it that you got to have them all under one roof even for a short time:) Enjoy the memories of that day! HUGS

Ann said...

Hi Karen, How wonderful that everyone could be together, if only for a short time! As a mother of boys, they seem to go their ways and need us less and less...I'm not sure what girls would do but I know that I enjoy being with my parents every chance that I can get.
The Tattered Tassel

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, what an awesome photograph of your sweet and precious men in your life! Having them all together in this one photograph is just so very special. Your guys, each one of them, are so wonderful. You are so blessed!

Love to you, dear friend.


Kathy said...

Oh how special that day was...and such a great picture a blower upper forsure! Lucky you, I too know the love of that sound and appreciate it as they are few and far between, my daughter thankfully just moved back to the states from Germany, but VA is a long way from Washington State

Lori E said...

This is the best 3 or more anyone could hope for. So glad it happened for you even if it is like a blue moon.