Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Our Carmen goes to first grade


Our granddaughter will enter first grade
on Monday.
I remember my first day of school so vividly.
Look to the right on this blog and you will see
my picture that first day.
Carmen will be full of self-confidence.
She has been attending school since she was two years old. She is our oldest son's first child. They live in Mexico. Carmen has attended an English-speaking
school and because of the bilingual home she has
grown up in, she understands English and Spanish very well... and can read a little in both languages.
She will be dressed in her school uniform,
new shoes, backpack on her back and
a snack for breaktime.
She will also carry her purse which she
will have organized with all of her favorite
things... an old cell phone, pencils, lip gloss, note pad,
an old set of keys, and Kleenex. All very similar
to her mother's purse.
I wonderful what she will think tomorrow?
Will she know that this year will have
a few more demands on her?
Classes start at 7:30 A.M. and end at 1:30 P.M.
I just talked to Carmen on the phone and she
is so excited.

I hope the world is ready!!

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Dishesdone said...

First day of school is so exciting! Carmen is adorable! Sweet post!

Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, aww, your little Carmen! I do think that her teacher should get ready for this little cutie pie, one that is smart as a pistol! She seems so confident and just ready for the world! Watch out for Carmen. I know you are so proud of her, she really is a chip off the old block, ahem, blocks! Like her Mommy and her Abuela, so adorable and oh so smart.


Julie Harward said...

She will be a blessing to the world...God bless her! :D

Laura said...

Tomorrow is a big day!
Harrison starts first grade too.
Oh My!!

She is absolutely beautiful-
and she has such an elegant look Karen.


Bobbi said...

Hi, your grand daughter is so precious! I have 7 grandkids. 6 of them are starting school on Tuesday. How fast they all grow up! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

Suzy said...

She's quite the fashion plate!Great mosaic idea.

Ingmarie We said...

Such a sweet girl. She looks so grown-up and confident. Lovely mosaic.

Theresa said...

How sweet, first day of school! I love the little ones all sleepy eyed in the mornings and excited! Sounds like Carmen is a precious and very smart little girl!

Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

Janean said...

awwww....we all get excited about the first day of school because nearly all of us have experienced *butterflies in the tummy* as we walked or rode up to the (usually) large brick building and heard the first bell of the season. :)

you love claudette colbert movies too? did ya love "the egg and i" with fred macmurray?

Celestial Charms said...

How very cute she is. I'm sure she will have a ball at school, as the first day of any year is exciting. We started our homeschooling today, and even that in itself creates excitement!
Have a wonderful week.

my home sanctuary said...

Oh what a fun mosaic and such a creative idea. Thanks for sharing. Praying she has a blessed year. Loved visiting here.

Debbie said...

Awww...Carmen is adorable. It is so exciting yet sad on the first day of school...the kids most of the time are excited, but leave behind the sad Mom's! Hope all is well. Debbie

Genie Robinson said...

Oh, Karen....I am so HAPPY I found your blog. This posting of your granddaughter is absolutely heart turning. I LOVE IT!!!! It is such fun to be a grandmother and I have only the one little girl to 5 boys, so I am exceptionally thankful for her. She starts K on Tuesday. Your mosaic makes me just want to climb inside the screen on the laptop and come out with a big hug for her. You have won me over in just a few short minutes and now have a happy hew follower.