Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Sundays -- Sunday drives

A car similar to ours

The first car I remember my parents buying was similar to the one pictured above. Occasionally we would take a Sunday drive. My parents, my little sister and me. No seat belts or car seats, you know. After all this memory was around 1953.
After my brother was born in 1954 we existed, barely,
all very tightly squeezed into our sedan. My brother would be seated in the new car seat. It was so fancy. It had a toy steering wheel with a red horn in the middle. The "car seat"  attached to the actual car seat with two large hooks.
You get the picture.
Then, when my youngest brother was born, my parents 
discovered station wagons.
My father on one of our family trips.

By this time my sister and I were entering out teen years.
Station wagons were so totally uncool!
My dad drove slower than anyone on the road and we nicknamed him "turtle".
He had almost total control over the radio. My sister and I wanted to listen to our pop tunes while my parents preferred the easy listening stations. On long trips we made a deal with our parents... for every two songs that my parents preferred we were allowed to listen to one of our own.
I remember my father's favorite expression,
"Good gosh!"
He rarely liked any of the music we listened to.
Never did I ever see my mother drive my father anywhere.
My father was the master, man in control, the boss, the head "honcho" of the road.
To allow my mother to drive him anywhere would have been so well... "unmanly".
Rumor has it that once he had a root canal and actually had to have my mother drive him home. I did not actually witness this. It is a bit of family lore, you see.
I've been thinking about my growing up years and our mode of transportation. While having our Suburban primped and ready for sale, my husband and I shared a vehicle for
Seven weeks!
Long story.
It made me realize that in my parents 60+ years of marriage, my mother never had her own vehicle to drive.
She and my father somehow managed to share a car.
Never, ever did I hear a cross word about it.
They meshed their schedules together and made it work.
Kudos to them as my husband I dealt with a daily
run-through of schedules in order to have wheels.
Well, such is life in modern times.
Hopefully I've brought forth a memory or two of
your family's mode of transportation when you
were growing up.

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Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, I love all of your family stories! Your daddy was quite a man and of course, I can see him not wanting to be driven around by a woman! I so remember road trips, no seat belts, we would sit, sleep, perch just anywhere, I loved the front middle little seat! Can you imagine that happening today?

By the way, I hope you were able to save your parent's computer files!


Theresa said...

You did trigger some memories for me! We always had old big cars but never a station wagon:) I can just see your handsome Dad driving your Mom around, ahhh the good 'ole days!

We had a Rambler for a long time and it was finally wrecked! I have a piture of it and will have to dig it out! My BFF, Celene had the only car when were 16 and it was a '53 Chevrolet! We called it the grey goose! We rode in it because it was our only wheels:) Thanks for triggering these memories! Have a blessed Sunday!

hip-chick said...

I remember taking long car trips to visit family in another state. We kids fought like crazy in the back seat. Occasionally my mother would threaten to pull over and make us get out on the side of the highway. Then, we would all quiet down and behave for about 10 minutes till we started right back up again! Fun times.

Celestial Charms said...

Thanks for sharing those memories with us. Love the photo of your Dad posing next to the station wagon. Looked like an intersting place to stop, surrounded by those boulders. Do you know approximately where that was taken?
Yes, I too grew up with my parents sharing one car. Dad always drove when we went anywhere as a family, but Mom was the one who used the car most often ;)
We never listened to music in the car, but my Dad had complete control over tunes played in our home. He listened everyday...all day music from the 40's (Big Band music) and classical music as well. I hated all that "old fashioned" music back then, but I have a fond appreciation for those types of music today. Thanks for stiring up those lovely memories.

Jacqueline said...

What a lovely post. It made me think of our old station wagon, traveling in the winter from Wisconsin across country to visit my grandmother outside of Las Vegas in Henderson. Yes, no seatbelts and we would lay on a feather ticking in the back and sleep. I loved traveling with my parents and even did it once I was married.

Loved your memories and picture of your dad. My dad would take pictures by every car he owned. I should have done the same because someday they would be precious for my kids and grandkids.

Dianne said...

I love the photo of your Dad and the wagon and all the rocks
I love his nickname turtle :)

wonderful memories

Sarah said...

You definitely took me back to all those years of "Sunday Drives" and family vacations in our station wagon. Yes, it was so uncool to have a station wagon as a family car. There were six of us total, including our parents, so the room was needed. But not fun when you wanted to pick up your friends for a trip to the local hangout. And of course, we didn't have an air conditioned car till much later! Oh the memories!
Thanks for sharing this delightful post! ~ Sarah

Rita said...

I too remember those days, when the man was the "man". I love to hear your stories. They bring back memories! I always wanted one of those station wagons. I thought they were Kool!

The Tablescaper said...

Oh such lovely memories!

I think they were able to share a car, because they weren't used to it any other way!We all go in so many different directions today that sharing a car seems totally impossible.

I love the radio sharing!

Thanks for being a part of "Summer Sundays"!

- The Tablescaper

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Just found your blog and oh, you did bring back some memories. I'm your brother's age. The first car I remember us having was a big, blue Buick. Then a Chevrolet Impala. We never needed a station wagon because it was just the three of us. I was an only. The first car I remember my dad driving was a Corvaire. Oh, how I loved that car and wish we still had it, but it was "dangerous". The car was known to spontaneously combust or something. It's odd that I think of all the cars before the Corvaire as my mother's. I'll have to ask Daddy about that. Thanks for the memories!

Memaw Barbie said...

Love the memories. My daddy loved to take a long drive. It was what we did for entertainment back in the 60's. Gas was cheap, you could take your family to the lake, or the airport to watch the planes take off. There were 7 of us piled into a sedan of some sort...I think it was probably daddy's company car. We only had one car back then. One of my favorite memories. Thanks, and blessings