Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Happy Birthday, Ryan

Our youngest son is 30 years old today.
As older parents say, "How did the years pass so quickly?"
Ryan came into the world during Hurricane Allen in deep south Texas on August 6, 1980. The barometric pressure from the hurricane played havoc with my pregnancy
and Ryan entered the world three weeks early... but weighing 9 pounds!
Everyone seems to know Ryan.
From the time he was born he has never known
a stranger. Before we had a chance to use
the raquetball courts at the club where we were
members, Ryan at the ripe age of four knew
most all of the members.
His ability to make friends and be a good
friend has served him well as a successful
realtor. We couldn't be more proud of our
son as he celebrates the "big 3-0"


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! What a handsome son you have dear Karen! Sounds like he is quite a guy! I can hear how proud you are of him! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Jo Anne said...

I sent him a Jacquie Lawson card so I remembered it was his birthday, he's such a sweetie. You are right, everyone loves Ryan, including ME.