Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink Perla in the Paper!

Pink Perla in the Paper!

I was feeling so sorry for myself since in my home you would be very hard pressed to find any pink.
It all stems from having almost all testosterone-oriented household. When I was mothering my boys in the old days there just wasn't much use for pink.
So, alas, I can hardly find a dish, a book, a lamp, an article of clothing even that has pink on it!
Low and behold I open Facebook to see this posting made by my dear daughter-in-law in
La Jolla, California. "Perla", their Great Dane puppy is so pink. I believe she only has six black spots. You may know that few spots on an all white animal often-times means deafness.. and yes, Perla is deaf. She knows doggy sign language.
She made the paper to help support the local
Humane Society.
So here's my pink. I missed the deadline, however, I'm still celebrating Pink Saturday!


Kathy said...

Oh my goodness now that is a DOG!! My granddog Violet a little boston terrier is also deaf, the kids didn't know it until they took her to obedience classes. They also communicate through sign language and now we all know some of the signs. She has so much personality and the sounds she makes instead of normal barking is hilarious!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, that is one big dog! Great picture of Jennifer and how neat that Perla made the news!! Good dog!!



Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Um...there is a ...deadline?? Well, shoot, you learn something new every day. :) I am so glad you posted anyway..because I would not have like missing Perla! :) Wow ...what a huge doggie that is!! And pink to boot! :)
Sending you a huge hug for that one!

Mary said...

Ohhhh, precious Perla doggy!!! I love her-she's only about 20 minutes from me here. How pretty she is and pink :) Bless her heart. Happy Pink Saturday to her and you!!