Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's a Zacatecas Silver Kinda Sunday

It's a Zacatecas Silver Kinda Sunday

My husband and son found me adoring drooling (let's be honest here) over this silver and turquoise necklace in a shop in Zacatecus, Mexico. Well...
it was close to my birthday... and...
I didn't know they had purchased it for me, but my husband waited until
he and friends of ours went to dinner and he gave it to me.
Isn't he one cool guy?

I'm linking to Gypsy Fish for
Silver Sunday

I truly enjoy Silver Sunday. I always thought I was
more of a "gold" kinda gal but Gypsy Fish has
certainly brought about an awareness of
beautiful things silver.


Rita said...

What a beautiful necklace and how lucky you are that they surprised you with it! I know you will enjoy wearing it. I can see it on you now! Have a wonderful weekend.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Hey Karen!

I have tagged you with a blog award for being a "Versatile Blogger", please come by my blog and see...

Nancy's Notes said...

That silver and turquoise necklace is just stunning! What a nice surprise, what a great husband, wow!


Debra@Common Ground said...

What a Gorgeous necklace; you have a great guy! And I love the serape blanket too!

Johanna said...

Happy belated Birthday. Whow, what a treasure! This is a beautifull handcrafted silver necklace. I am sure you look like a mexican queen with that. How cute of your husband to make this gift so romantic and exiting.
Greetings, Johanna

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Silver has been my thing since my hair turned that color and I was sort of "forced" to admit it isn't as bad as I thought...especially when I can buy silver things to match. :)
I LOVE that necklace! How lucky you are to have such wonderful guys that love you!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. You are such a sweetheart...

xinex said...

Stunning necklace! What a thoughtful hubby, he is definitely a keeper!..Christine

The Lazy Peacock said...

beautiful necklace, and what a sweet surprise!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Just Beautiful ~ I agree, He's one cool guy..... Thanks for Sharing

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful necklace, wow! Happy Birthday :) Are you a July baby, too? Visiting from Silver Sunday~

Gypsy Fish said...

Karen You're so lucky to have such and attentive husband....I think even me drooling over something would have slippedy right by my husband.
Thanks so much for participating
....see you next month!