Thursday, July 8, 2010

The men in my life and a beautiful sky

- The men in my life -

We have been fortunate this week to have all three of our sons together... even though it was only for a couple of hours. Left to right are:
Ryan (youngest) who works for Coldwell Banker, Lance (oldest), who is our business partner and runs our Mexico farming operation, and Daren (middle) who is the national sales representative for a pathology lab in California.
Lance and Daren are both married. Lance is the father of our two grandchildren. Daren is the owner of our two "granddogs" -- both Great Danes. Ryan is not married... yet.
That handsome guy on the far right is my husband who is a fine husband and dad!

I was sort of pouting yesterday because bad weather had kept Daren from arriving here until too late at night for us to be together.
We did have a nice breakfast and visit the next  thoughbefore Lance had to head to the airport to fly back to Mexico.
It was a fluke that Lance and Daren were both here on business so schedules were beyond their control.
Thank goodness I took a picture of this beautiful sky yesterday. I didn't realize until now that God was telling me that I needed to appreciate more the two hours the family was together. It had been almost a year and half since the last time we gathered... which was on the occasion of my father's passing.
Blessings come in hidden packages sometimes.

Thank you, God!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

How wonderful to have them all together if only for 2 hours. It's been several years since I've had all of mine together. That makes it so hard. Great picture. Praise God for arranging even a couple of hours. Hugs, Marty

Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful sky indeed! And precious time with the men in your life..beyond precious! :D

From the Kitchen said...

Karen: Love that photo! After growing up in the same city where almost all of my relatives lived, it has been hard to have our two sons and their wives so far away--one in California, the other in Mass. We treasure the time we get to spend with them.

We do have ac. I don't think I could ever do without. My friends and I did enjoy a three-hour lunch at an air conditioned restaurant. While we kept cool, a storm raged outside and things have cooled down. I'll need to be reminded of my discomfort when the winter winds blow!!


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Wonderful photo!! How lucky to have the stars align and everyone's schedule cooperate. You have a lovely family!

Laura said...

Karen- this is a wonderful photo.
You need to put it on Facebook.
just wonderful-


Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, the men in your life are just the greatest men ever! You and David raised some really wonderful boys, now fine young men! I know you must be so proud, you should be.

I am proud to be her middle son, Daren's godmother! Yes, Karen and I go way, way back!

Love you all,