Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving-into-my-booth Day -- quick posting!

My husband is honking the horn outside. Is he more excited about this than I am?? We shall see.

I'm opening a booth at a local antiques consigment mall.

This is only the beginning and my inexperience is showing. I laugh at myself thinking I had to string that little thread through all of the price tags. Ha! I bought them already strung.
Who knew?!

Okay.. third honk! I'll try to post a picture tonight.

Wish me luck!



Nancy's Notes said...

Woo Hoo Karen, what a big day! You have to be so excited, I could feel your exhilaration in your post! Could it be that your dear hubby is having fun too? That is awesome and just too cute!! Can't wait to hear more! Wish I were there to help you!



Rita said...

I wish you all kinds of luck today! This is an exciting new journey for you today!

Carrie said...

Good luck with your booth.

Thank you for your post at my blog the other day... the microwave is working great.... crossing my fingers it works for many days to come. Maybe we finally have a good microwave. :-)