Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's White Wednesday and I'm working with my milk glass

Most of these pieces of milk glass came from my mother. (Ooops... just realized I left a set of salt and pepper shakers in there by accident!)
One of my favorite pieces is the one just above that is actually for bananas.
My mother kept this on her hutch for years.
Also, the bowl in the third picture is
also a favorite.
I'm still working with this and trying to figure out a way to "jazz" it up a bit. But just wanted to participate in White Wednesday.

If you like the clean, crisp look of white
visit Faded Charm for
White Wednesday



32˙North said...

It's so nice that your mom's collection has found a home with you. That openwork compote is a wonderful piece!


32˙North said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for stopping by! In your third picture down, the raised bowl on the stand is an openwork compote - it was made to hold fruit (just like you have it displayed with the little apples!) - wouldn't it look grand at Christmas filled with glass balls? It's a wonderful piece! Looking forward to visiting with you again.


Cass @ That Old House said...

I have some of my Mom's milk glass, too -- it's very precious to me.
I LOVE that hobnail milk glass banana holder -- what a great piece. I thought that by now I'd seen them all, but that's a new one.

I also like those S&P shakers that you left in the picture by mistake -- what darling little "feet" they have!

Thanks for visiting That Old House -- I've got a few moments at the computer while some more paint dries!

Natasha said...

Your collection is so beautiful! I don't have any milk glass but I would love to find some.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week,

Laura said...

Be still my heart.
I love milk glass- as you know.
Your pieces are lovely.
Your photos are great too!


gabrielle said...

What a wonderful collection! So nice that it was your mother's!

One Hot Mess said...

Oh my wonderful stars! I love milk glass and am slowly building a lovely collection from estate sales and yard sales. Sadly, Momma didn't have any to leave me, but I shall have some to leave any potential daughters/granddaughters (I have three boys). I adore your collection! You have such a great blog, by the way.