Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Bluebonnets - "Dare to be different"

I'm not sure if these are "officially" recognized as bluebonnets, but they are not a real common sight to see... in fact, this is my brother's picture. I think it's just beautiful. It was taken close to Austin. So many Texans are showing off their bumper crop of wildflowers to blogland these days and I just couldn't resist being a part of helping to display one of Texas' best assets... the Bluebonnets, our state flower.


~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said... cute how they are peeking out amongst the blue ones!

Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, they sure look like bluebonnets to me. I love all wildflowers and they are everywhere around Texas now, the colors are so vivid and just astonishing! Thanks for sharing the great photographs!

Hugs, my friend.


Laura said...

Hey Karen-
I have never seen white blue
Thank you for posting my button on your blog!


Michelle said...

I am not from Texas but I think those are bluebonnets. Even if they're not how gorgeous to have an entire pasture full of such a vibrant color!