Sunday, April 18, 2010

Off to Mexico!

This Wednesday my husband and I will fly to Mexico. Our business is located near the city of Manzanillo on the Pacific side of Mexico. We farm papaya, honeydew melon and personal size watermelon. The season is finishing up for honeydew so it's time for my husband to travel down there to check things out. Our oldest son is our business partner and lives there full time. My husband runs the sales office in Texas, on the U.S. side of the border.

Now my husband is going on business, but we BOTH are going to see not only our son and his wife, but our two beautiful grandchildren. My husband is known by the grandchildren as "Pops" and I am "Abuela"... which means "grandmother" in Spanish.

We've learned to answer ro different names/titles in Mexico. My husband is referred to as "Don David" and I am simply "Senora". Being called "Don" in Spanish is a sign of  respect. I can't help but get tickled by that a little bit and tease him about it, but it truly is a good feeling to see and feel the respect my husband's employees have for him.

I'm off to pack, but not before I particiapate in Metamorphosis Monday!


Jennifer said...

Have a safe trip!

Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, your lives are so interesting! I know you can't wait to see Carmen and David, I am sure they can't wait to see Pops and Abuela! Have a safe trip and give our love to Lance and his sweet family.



Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I'm Tropicgirl. I read about you traveling to Colima and sounds exciting and fun. Have a safe trip and enjoy your family. I'm sure your "nietos" will be looking for your arrival.
Abrazos (hugs)

Laura said...

Karen- have a wonderful trip. Seeing grandchildren is a great plus.
Are you going to do any shopping?