Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Favorites!

Favorite Movie Line I Can’t Remember: I think someone must have said, "It is what it is", but I'm not sure who...

Favorite Movie Dancing Scene: Any movie with John Travolta

Favorite Eye Makeup Trick: Laura Mercier's eye makeup base. Can't live without it!

Favorite Makeup: Laura Mercier - buy at Sephora. It's a little cheaper there.

Favorite Expression: “Snap out of it!” or "Get a grip"... neither of which I am good at.

Favorite Place to Not Spend Money: Home... I just try to stay home somedays for a no-spend day.

Favorite Thing to Say to sons: "Come and eat!"

Favorite High School Perfume: White Shoulders

Favorite Expression for Looking for Treasures: Look around

Favorite Winter Clothing Color: Black

Favorite Summer Clothing Color: Creme

Favorite High School Beauty Tool That I Want To Try Again: Cream blush

Favorite High School Eyeliner: Very soft brown pencil

Favorite Current Eyeliner: Loreal liquid pencil - dark brown

Favorite High School Handbag: Usually bought at Ben Franklin's

Favorite Current Bag: Vera Bradley, Tous, Coach

Favorite Notebook: Spiral green notbook... almost like a diary that I have been using since 1982. I must have 25 books by now... at least!

Go to White Spray Paint to read Laura's posting today. She started this! And her blog is fabulous!


Lori E said...

First of all I love the new look.
Coincidentally one of my favorite things to hear is "come and eat".

Deb said...

love learning new things about blogging buddies...especially fellow ladybugs...

Anonymous said...

Like your blog but was just shopping for Laura Mercier products and sell products for the same price as Sephora. In fact, I've seen products sold at a discount throughout the year. Hope this help and tThought you'd want to know.

Calming Scents said...

Interesting Post. I am sure loving Coach Purses myslf..but not willing to spend the money YET..noticed I emphasied YET. I go in to smell them lol.

Isnt it funny how we have to stay home to not spend...but heck I have to admit I do most of my shopping online now and from catalogs.