Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I love white Sunbeam Mixmasters

I suppose I was about six years old. We were living in Midland, Texas. My younger sister and I were outside "cooking"... making mud pies and just staying busy. Mother called me inside. I remember that at that age I was just above her elbow. She was standing at the kitchen counter, wearing an apron, mixing chocolate batter with her white Sunbeam Mixmaster. She looked down at me and asked me if I would like a new baby sister or brother? Sure! I told her I thought a baby brother would be real nice. She agreed. Several months later my brother was born! When he and my mother came home from the hospital, I was the first child to be allowed to hold my brother. I felt so grown up! We had bonded.

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LMH said...

I can just see your mother/my mother standing at the kitchen counter.

I recently bought an apron. It feels so like my grandmother when I wear it- even if it is to wash dishes or just putter around the house.