Friday, October 2, 2009

Papaya - delicioso!

Papaya is one of our main crops. We grow papaya in Mexico all year round. While papaya is not one of the favored fruits of the U.S., it is catching on. It is great for digestive problems and if you are prone to bruising.
This is the way we serve papaya. It is peeled, the seeds removed and cut up into bite-size pieces. Fresh lime juice is squeezed on top of the papaya and some people like to sprinkle a little Tajin (pronounced ta-heeen) on top. My husband prefers sea salt. In our opinion papaya that is the color of a sweet potato is the best. Give it a try. You just might like it!


Lori E said...

You know I just don't care for papaya but I will give it another chance and tart it up a bit with the lime juice. I know it is so good for me.
I have a suggestion for you when you leave a comment on my site or others where it isn't working properly.
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Michael Lee West said...

I enjoyed learning about Tahin. The lime is the perfect dressing. Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Karen...I don't think I have ever had papaya. It is so funny that you are blogging about it because I was just looking at it at the grocery store yesterday! Now I KNOW I will have to give it a try! Thaks! Happy week!...Debbie

Michelle said...

My husband loves Papaya and I buy it for him all the time! Next time I'm going to try it with some lime juice!

Sorry I could not find our e-mail address so I will answer your soapstone comment here.

We have soapstone in the kitchen, butler pantry and in my bathroom. And we have grantite in 3 bathrooms. I really don't like granite much but it seems to me that granite is easier to clean then soapstone.

Soapstone has to be cleaned and then oiled to keep the it a true black. During the 1st month you oil the soapstone every week or so but now I oil my soapstone like every 3 months.

I know people always say soapstone chips but we've had no problem with chipping at all and our kitchen is heavily used! However we do have a chip in our granite that was not there a month ago. Not sure what happened and I doubt anyone would notice unless I pointed the chip out to them. I found it while cleaning the bathroom just this week.

If I was doing my kitchen again I'd still install soapstone. We truly love it.

Lori E said...

There now I can just click on your name in the comments and voila I am on your site.

Bama Belle said...

Thank you for your sweet visit and comments! I am following you now and look forward to keeping up! Very interesting about papaya being year round! I adore lime so I will have to give this a try!

The Fajdich Times said...

Really enjoy papaya, but have never heard of Tajin. I would love to try it. I will be on the lookout for it. I do use lime and love it:)