Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bronze Baby Shoes - A Keepsake from the Past

I recently posted this photograph of my mother standing
to the right of her mother and little sister.
I love their hairstyles... the "Dutch Boy Haircut" the girls are
sporting and then my grandmother's waves probably
fashioned with metal banana clips.
I especially like the shoes!

The bronzed shoes were my mother's.
That's a baby picture of her when she was five months old. 
Bronzing shoes and making bookends with them
was very popular.
Just a little something from the past.

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for some fabulous photos and posts.




A Vintage Chic said...

This is just lovely, Karen! That photograph is beautiful--love your grandmother's hair! And there's something so amazing about having someone's baby shoes--bronzed or not--such a special keepsake...

Wishing you a wonderful evening, my friend!


Desire Empire said...

These are lovely memories. They were so very fashionable in those days.


What a lovely pic of your mother with her motehr and sister. Pictures are the most beautiful memories we can have and they were so scarse in those days, so they are such a treasure now adays. I love your pretty mother's shoes. Hugs,

Theresa said...

Sweet shoes, Sweet memories:) Have a blessed day dear Karen, HUGS!

Rita said...

It's very comforting to look back to the past and remember! I bronzed my children's first baby shoes too. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Diane said...

I never had bronzed baby shoes, but I remember that people used to decorate their homes with them. It is really a sweet idea. Thanks for sharing this part of history with us!

CAS said...

Now you are making me wish I had asked my parents for MY bronzed baby shoe bookends! Yep, I had a set. Of course at the time, I wasn't blogging & didn't care too much for all that "olden" stuff....lol! Live and learn, right?

Congrats to you DIL on her Cosmo feature. We are proud of our kids and kids-inlaw!