Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Carmen!!

Our precious Carmen was born
January 27, 2004.

She has always been such a ray of sunshine
and has given us so much joy.

Carmen is our first grandchild, but she is
also the first girl in our family.

Her love of fashion...

Her love of sports...

Her energy and sweet beauty
has been such a gift to my husband and me.

Carmen's grades are excellent and she is fluent
in English and Spanish.

She is active in her church.

She loves to help in the kitchen.

Having Celiac Disease is not easy, however,
Carmen has mastered the diet and is careful to follow it.
I love this picture. Carmen is in my kitchen and is wearing
an apron that my grandmother made for me.

We will travel to Mexico on Thursday where
our son and his family live
so that we can celebrate Carmen's eighth birthday.
We can't wait to see our girl!

Love you, Carmen!!


Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Happy Birthday, Carmen!! Such a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. I think I might have detected at least a small amount of pride from her grandmother. I have just found your blog and found it very interesting. I enjoyed reading about your family and the life you all share in Mexico. The recipes sound good. If you would like to share some of them with other bloggers who come to my Tues. through Thurs. party, please join us. I think many people would love your blog when they link back to you. Have a wonderful time with Carmen and the family. I will return to see your lovely blog again. Thanks------ Shannon

Laura said...

This is just beautiful Karen!
Have a wonderful trip and take lots of photos to share.

Happy Birthday Carmen!


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Carmen! What a beautiful Granddaughter! I know that you are so proud of her! Those first Grands are just so special:) I can't wait to see pics from your trip! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Nancy's Notes said...

What a precious post about a darling little girl! Happy Birthday to your sweet and adorable Carmen!


Nezzy said...

Here's sendin' your precious Carmen a big old Ozark "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!"

The pictures of her life is just precious. I bet your soooo excited to squeeze the stuffin's outta her.

God bless and have the best trip sweetie!!! :o)

Rita said...

Grandchildren are so special! We had two boys and now we have two grandsons. Don't think we will get the privilage of having any girls. Enjoy her and your time with her!