Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chorizo Con Huevos - Buen Provecho!


Chorizo con Huevos
at Las Islas Ranch

We spent Thanksgiving at our deer lease in deep south Texas. Breakfast is always delicious and filling as it is
enjoyed after a morning in the brush.

This morning it was chorizo con huevos...
sausage and eggs, Mexican style!
It has long been a family favorite.

I must admit.. I cannot make flour tortillas.
So I do the next best thing..
I buy them!
Exquisita brand is our favorite.
I place them in a hot skillet and cook them until
they are lightly browned and puffy.
I keep them warm nestled in a linen tea towel.

This is the ONLY chorizo I use.
Chorizo de San Manuel...
pork sausage with wonderful spices.
Remove the chorizo from the casing and cook slowly in
a skillet. A conscientious cook would carefully drain off the
juices to cut back on the fat, however, with that you will
lose a great deal of flavor.
Cook for about 15 minutes or so.
Crack a dozen eggs on top of the chorizo.
Let the white form a little and then stir the eggs into
the chorizo.
Add extra cracked pepper.
Now these are the additions that some people
like to add:
1 - pico de gallo or in Mexico - Salsa Mexicana
(chopped onion, tomato, cilantro and serrano chili)
2 - grated cheese
3 - onion
Place about three serving spoons full of
chorizo con huevos in each warm tortilla.
Serve this with fresh fruit and hot coffee or cocoa and
you have the breakfast of champions!
"Buen provecho!!"

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Karen said...
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Theresa said...

Yummy, you have made my HUNGRY:) Sounds delicious! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Kim, USA said...

Oh my this is delish. Hubby had chorizo the other day but don't know how to cooked it. While me I told him our chorizo in the Philippines doesn't look like that, so I also don't know how to cooked it. He ended up frying it and it does taste good. Now I know how to cook chorizo and ingredients to add. Thanks for this post it helps me a lot hehe! Happy Monday! And thanks for the visit too.

Laura said...

I bet yours are delicious!
I never knew about dropping whole eggs in- I always added beaten eggs.
Can't wait to try these.

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