Monday, October 24, 2011

Cestohowa, Texas

Nativity of the Blessed Blessed Mary Virgin Church

My husband and I were returning to our home from a wedding in Wimberly, Texas when we decided to make a visit to this church in Cestohowa (the "w" is pronounced as a "v"). Close friends of ours have their famil roots well-established in this church and had spoken of it many times.
It is truly a beautiful church and so rich in history!

Cestohowa, Texas

The second Polish colony in Karnes County, the village in this area grew out of a small settlement known as St. Joe and was formally established in 1873. At times the priest at Panna Maria would conduct services at St. Joseph School in what would become Czestochowa. The Mother Colony church at Panna Maria was destroyed by lightning in 1877; Czestochowa settlers decided to build their own church. This was the subject of much controversy among the Polish pioneers of Karnes County. Anton Jarzombek (1836-1922) and Frank Mutz (1814-1891) each donated land for the church. Area residents contributed their labor to build the eighty-five by forty foot church with Gervase Gabrysch (1830-1904) as contractor. Bishop Anthony D. Pellicer blessed the church on February 10, 1878. Father W. Pelczar was assigned as the first pastor that September. As a sign of their reconciliation, the parishioners from the newly rebuilt Panna Maria church presented the new parish a large painting of the Virgin Mary of Czestochowa, the Patroness of Poland. The two congregations often shared leadership in the ensuing years. The Cestohowa church (adopting the Americanized spelling of the community) thrived into the 20th century. In the 1930s the church underwent intensive additions and remodeling. Though the original walls remained, the roof was completely removed and the ceiling raised. The north and south wings were added and the steeple was increased in height. In 1998, the church celebrated its 125th anniversary. At that time, the parish consisted of 380 members. The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church continues in the traditions of its founders. (2000)

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Theresa said...

Gorgeous Church and rich in History! Have a blessed day dear Karen, HUGS!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said... love love all the stained glass - what artistry! Thanks for sharing..and the pronunciation - I woud never have gotten it :-)