Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Rosemary -- My Mother

I know you have organized the most wonderful celebration for your friends ... old and new. Where you are it will be a breeze. The little sandwiches will be perfect and the punch will be too. You'll have a wonderful cake... probably white with beautiful, perfect flowers on it. There will be enough to go around. Enough for all! You'll have beautiful dishes to serve these luscious treats on and gorgeous cups for the perfect punch.
You were a wonderful hostess and always the best cook.
An artist in the kitchen, you created meals that everyone enjoyed.
I miss you terribly but how can I wish you back here where there is illness and so much discomfort? You are with Daddy and your parents and so many of the others we loved and are now enjoying their rewards.
Thank you for all of the wonderful lessons you taught us, allowing us to learn from the "pro".
I refuse to feel sad, but joy in my heart that you are in a beautiful place.
I love you, Mother!

Happy Mother's Day



Your mother was a beautiful lady and she passed it on to you! I can imagin how much you miss her, specially today! I still miss my Mil and her great MD's get togethers with us, but I still have my mom, I posted a pic of her, but it didn't come out in the post, I can't think what happened, my hubby says I probably didn't notice and pressed a button that deleted it! I will one of this days, May is mom's month! Thank you for sharing this and I hope you had a nice Mother's Day with your loved ones.

Theresa said...

Oh dear Karen, your Mother is gorgeous! What a sweet tribute to your sweet Mama and I can certainly see where you get your beauty! Our hearts are full on this Mother's Day with appreciation for our past and thankfulness for our present! Love you dear friend! Smiles and HUGS!

Kathy said...

Oh this is just the sweetest Karen, thank you for sharing and making me appreciate the time I have with my mom..hope you are having a wonderful day

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Beautiful post

I hope there is a huge gathering of mothers and they are all feeling the love we are sending to them.

Rita said...

Karen, what a lovely tribute to your mother. She would be very proud of you. She was a beautiful lady. We can't wish them back when they are suffering, can we? I lost mine 6 years ago, but we'll meet again!