Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter 2011

What fun I had this year using china I had collected from
my mother, grandmother and from places where... well, I just felt the need to "rescue" it.
Pink has never been a color of choice for me, but what better time to take the plunge and "pinkify" it would have to be
Haviland's Rosalinde is a beautiful pattern.
I used my stainless since I did not have enough silver place settings for all of my guests, but I was very content to use it.
The tablecloth and napkins are from Syria. As pretty and
delicate as they are, they can withstand a Kenmore delicate cycle with ease. (Thanks, Mother! These were purchased when my late parents were living in Damascus.) The wine glasses with the green stem are a memento from a trip to Tlaquepaque, Mexico probably seven years ago.
On the other hand, the clear water glasses with the fine gold rim were purchased for $3 a stem at our local Tuesday Morning. I love them!
The silver coffee service graced my grandmother's dining room for many years and made its way to mine via my generous mother who knew how much I would enjoy the set.
While the possessions are so beautiful and special to me, the best part of the day was being with our youngest son and our precious friends.


Today I am liking to
The House in the Roses
Show Off Your Cottage Monday

I'm highlighting my dining room that also has a very small sitting area. This is where I talk on the phone, sometimes nap and once in awhile just sit with my thoughts.

It's a work in progress... still pictures to be hung...


Rita said...

It is so good to have things that you enjoy, isn't it? But what better a day than to have family and friends to enjoy them with! So glad that you had a good day yesterday! Have a good week too.

Theresa said...

Beautiful! Such a pretty table AND using your fine china and silver... PERFECT to share with family and friends!

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Lori E said...

So nice to set a table that has memories. I think this one is very muted and elegant. In person I would bet there is a lot of details to admire up close.

Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, what a stunning table setting! How wonderful that you have so many beautiful collectibles that are truly priceless family treasures. Oh Karen, I love your sitting area, what an elegant look! Thanks for sharing, very impressive, sweet friend.


His Way or Her Way said...

What a lovely blog! I've enjoyed my visit so much. I hope you'll stop by mine soon! Blessings!!