Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today you are ours....

You came to us in a phone call. A home for you was needed. Loving parents were desired. You flew thousands of miles, a gift from God. A significant connection with a friendship
brought you into our lives...
A young woman and young man, a loving couple were waiting for you.
God said, "This is the moment..."
Lives were turned upside "UP"... We spun in circles to
prepare for you, Beau. We ran to the stores to purchase your needs with such excitement... arriving back home to find your new "Daddy", new grandfather and forever friend,
circled around you in amazement.
It was for a moment a scene from
"Three Men and a Baby".
You make us laugh, Beau. You brighten our days. You are an amazing reminder of the best things God does for us.
We'll stand in court today and hear the words that nothing can change ... you are "ours".
Forever and ever...

We love you, Beau!

In celebration of the adoption of Beau I am linking to

Little Red House for
Mosaic Monday


Deb said...

oh what a wonderful thing...for you and for Beau....

Theresa said...

Oh what a happy story! I can't wait to hear more about Beau! It sounds like your day is going to be a really blessed one:) HUGS!

From the Kitchen said...

What a treasure you have shared with us! Of course your Christmas was very merry!


Rita said...

Oh how exciting! There's nothing better than having little ones around during the Christmas season! Enjoy you new little one!

linda t said...

Oh Karen, tears are pouring down my face... how precious! Thank you for sharing your joy. Made my day.
A year ago today was my Dad's funeral back in Wisconsin. And this morning I got a call that a dear family friend woke up this morning, took a few steps and died. She was only 75 years old.
We are so sad for the family.
So thank you for sharing your blessing Karen. Really lifted my spirits.