Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Sundays - ca. 1954

The Town Pond

Summer Sundays where I grew up in College Station, Texas were fun. My mother and father was not at work so after church either my parents would work in the yard
or take a little time
to do something like this in the town "pond". The little boy to the right is my brother. I'm in the the forefront. (ca. 1954)

The Brackenridge Eagle

This little train made it's round throughout Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, Texas. My grandfather and a friend of his owned this little train. My sister and I would ride and ride on it. Occasionally would get off at different stops to go through Witte Museum, the Japanese Gardens or play putt-putt golf.
We would drive to San Antonio on a Saturday and spend Sunday with
my grandparents. (ca. 1954)

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Summer Sundays


hip-chick said...

Great pictures. fun memories.

Julie Harward said...

Such a cool little pool...and I love that train...awesome! :D

English Cottage in Georgia said...

OMGoodness! I loved the Brackenridge Eagle. It was such a treat when my grandparents during our summer visits took us to SA to the zoo and ride the train afterwards. Raising my family in SA meant frequent visits to the zoo, rides on the train, and picnics in the park with frequent waves to the passengers on the passing train.
What neighborhood had the pond in front? Is it still there?

From the Kitchen said...

Ah nostalgia! Summer Sundays meant going to the lake, taking a picnic, a drive in the country and arguing in the back seat. I miss it all.

Have a wonderful summer Sunday!


Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, what fabulous photographs! I love the ones with you all at the pool, what a trip down memory lane! Oh my goodness, I have been on that little train so many times, did not know it belonged to your grandfather! That is incredible! We went to San Antonio very often when I was little!

Have a great Sunday!


Laura said...

That photograph is wonderful.
Your mother looks like a movie star!


Jacqueline said...

I adore the pond. We used to swim in mud holes out in our back yard when it rained a lot. I wish, wish, wish I had a picture of that. Later we would take big truck inner tubes and lay a plastic tablecloth in them and fill them with water. Thanks for the trip down memory lane this Sunday.

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

Looks like so much fun! Great memories!

Celestial Charms said...

Love your photos. I even did a double click to enlarge the pond one. What a cute little girl you were..and how I really enjoyed seeing the pretty awning outside the window of the home in the background. I have this crazy affection for awnings, especially the vintage ones. So, you made my day!

billy joe davis said...

ran across this site through google randomly....was your father or the other friend owner of the brackenridge eagle named Smith? I was looking through family photos and postcards, we had a huge stack from the company because my father was the good friend of Mr. Smith and worked on projects with him and my father drove the train for a while in the beginning, my father is the driver on the eagle in many of the old postcards, you can usually see his cigar in his hand, his name was Marlyn Gene Davis, "MG Davis" or Gene as Mr. Smith sometimes called him.......thanks his son, Billy Joe Davis

Roderick Markham said...

Hi Joe and Karen, I would love to hear from you regarding the history of the train in this blog post. Your notes indicate the train was at Brackenridge in 1954, most other sources (including a Billboard magazine newspaper article) state the Brackenridge Eagle was installed in 1957. I believe there was a train like it at the park from 52-56 and am trying to clarify these dates. Any further info appreciated! I am not technically savvy enough to know how to email you but would love to hear back. Rick in Pa