Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggin' and music on this fine Saturday!

Manzanillo, Mexico

I'm slightly getting back to "normal" on my blog. Goodness! I doubt I'll ever stray from home again. I was surprised at how unsettled it made me feel. Thanks to my good friend and neighbor, Laura (White Spray Paint) who cheered me onward.

Something else... I love most music on blogs as long as it is not distracting. Once in awhile I cross the line there but it just seems like it fits... especially if there are old pictures. Then I try to find music that fits that period of time. I love doing that. Right now I have music that is very soothing. I just leave my blog on and while I work around the house I can listen to it. There are a few other blogs I do that with as well.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


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Julie Harward said...

That is such a beautiful picture...have a great weekend! Come say hi :D