Friday, April 23, 2010

The day in Tecoman, Mexico

Our granddaughter is learning how to ride a bike. She just hasn't learned how to stop yet. Our grandson likes to run along side of her. When she falls he tries to help her up. My husband loves to get in on the action.
Mangos hang from the trees everywhere. These are pretty green, but many others have ripened and usually fall around us. They are really good!
I love to drive by my daughter-in-law's boutique. Her display windows are always fully decorated and beautiful. She is very talented.


Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, what a precious picture of Carmen riding her bike! Oh, and of course, it's just so cute to see little David running along side of her! Know David was just in his glory watching your darling grandchildren!

Marcela sure has a nice store!

Thanks for sharing.


Julie Harward said...

What cute little grand kids...must be nice for you to have a daughter there...have a good weekend and come say hi :D