Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Organic" Grapefruit

"Organic" Grapefruit

The aroma of citrus blossoms is almost everywhere in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. A couple of weeks ago the scent was barely in the air and we were all trying our best to breathe in as much as we could. This week the scent nearly knocks a person over. Not to complain. Oh, no. It is such a welcome sign of Spring. The above picture shows a lonely grapefruit left on one of our trees in the backyard that escaped my husband's eager clutch. Be sure to notice the white, delicate blossoms which are the source for the sweet smell.
We call these our "organics"... our grapefruit, oranges and limes. Bless their hearts. They have actually survived being forgotten... that is forgotten to be sprayed. Somehow they plod along though and usually we have great fruit to enjoy if the birds leave them alone. It's just one of the perks of living in deep South Texas... fresh vegetables, fruits, great weather and friendly people. Who could ever, ever ask for more?

As I type this it is 81 degrees with a gentle breeze. It's a Sunday which soothes the soul.


Nancy said...

Love that picture of the lone grapefruit! The tree is beautiful! Ahhh...the fragrance of those blooms! Speaking of fresh vegetables, fruits, great weather and friendly people in South Texas, you betcha! (as my grandmother would say!)

Laura said...

I love your definition of organic.
My whole yard is organic!


Jennifer said...

Yea, you're back. I missed your blog this week. Wish we were visiting the rgv soon. Would love to see you and your organics!

Jo Anne said...

That is a lovely grapefruit picture. I do love them so, especially those from The Valley. said...

I got behind on my blogging & to catch up with your posts. I can smell those grapefruits from here. Okay, maybe not but I wish I could. The wildflowers are amazing, what a great place to unwind, & your baby girl in her baptism bonnet. That is so sweet. Take Care! Lisa