Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Leaving, on a jet plane" -- Adios!!

    Early tomorrow morning my husband and I will hop across the border into Mexico (we just live a few miles away) and drive to the local airport for a flight to Manzanillo, Mexico. Just the sound of Manzanillo sounds probably a little romantic (the movie "10" was filmed at Las Hadas there) but we will then drive to Tecoman, Colima about an hour's drive inland. Look on the map, find the words MEXICO in red and just slightly to the left you will see COLIMA. That is the area we will be in for the next several days.
    Our oldest son and my husband are business partners in a farming operation in the state of Colima... one of the best states in Mexico. We grow honeydew, papaya and personal size watermelons. Right now is our harvest season... and, boy, does it get hectic.

This is our son with his wife and two children. Carmen takes Hawaiian dancing and is shown in one of her costumes. The "county fair" is going on right now in Tecoman and her dance group will be dancing for the event. Our first "recital". Cannot wait.
    We will also celebrate Carmen's sixth birthday. She is such a sweetheart. Hopefully I will have good pictures of her party.
    Unless there is a glitch with our internet I will try to post pictures of our trip this week.


Judi said...

Hi Karen
I was blogging and found your site. I hope you have a fabulous trip. It sounds so romantic and you'll be celebrating the harvest of fruit and a birthday too!
have fun..and post pictures and please do stop by when you are back.

Deb said...

have a fun safe trip....

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Adious to you Karen!
Sounds like a wonderful trip! Cindy

Celestial Charms said...

It certainly is a small world. I gave birth to my now 7 year old son, in Manzanillo. We lived in a small fishing village called Barra de Navidad..about 45minutes from Manzanillo. We had a small cafe in the Village called Rudy's Smoothies. Is it possible that your son was down in that area about 7 years ago. Believe it or not, I recall meeting a young gentleman, who looks very much like your son, at our cafe. He was in the area checking out all the massive banana grove plantations, and other agricultural stuff in the area. Barra de Navidad is in the state of Jalisco, but right on the border of Colima. Might just be a coincidence, but worth my asking. After all, I do believe in strange connections ;)
Anyway, have a fabulous time on your visit.